What's new in muCommander 0.8.3 ?

muCommander 0.8.3 was released on Oct 21, 2008. See ReleaseNotes for a list of all release notes.

Download links:  Windows -  Mac OS X -  Unix

New features

  • Tree view, contributed by Mariusz Jakubowski.
  • Batch renamer, contributed by Mariusz Jakubowski.
  • Auto-completion capabilities added to the location field and transfer destination fields, contributed by Arik Hadas.
  • New 'Quick lists' that allow to quickly recall parent folders, recent locations, recently executed files and bookmarks. Contributed by Arik Hadas.
  • Native RAR archive support, contributed by Arik Hadas.
  • Added support for SFTP public key authentication, contributed by Vassil Dichev.
  • Added new FTP connection properties allowing to retry when the server is busy, contributed by Ivan Baidakov.
  • Added support for the GNOME trash, contributed by David Kovar.


  • Added Unix permissions support to Zip archives: entries' permissions are now properly retrieved from and persisted into the archive, and can be changed using the 'Change permissions' dialog.
  • When transferring files into a Zip archive, the source files' date is now properly preserved. The file entries' date can also be changed using the 'Change date' dialog.
  • SMTP server port can now be changed in the preferences, defaults to 25.
  • New action for deleting selected files without using the system trash (mapped onto Shift+F8 and Shift+Delete by default). Contributed by Arik Hadas.
  • Improved HTML parsing for HTTP documents, XHTML can now be parsed.
  • New actions for cycling through the folder pane's components, mapped onto Control+Tab (forward) and Shift+Control+Tab (backward) by default.
  • JNA library upgraded to version 3.0.6.
  • jCIFS library upgraded to version 1.2.19.
  • The Properties dialog now sports a large file icon.
  • Mac OS X 10.4 and up: the Properties dialog now displays Spotlight/Finder? comments.
  • New and improved Windows installer, contributed by Karel Klic.


  • Danish translation, contributed by Jeppe Toustrup.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed keyboard focus issues in the text editor after the 'Find' dialog has been invoked, contributed by Karel Tomáš.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop issues from muCommander to other applications under Gnome and KDE, contributed by Xavi Miró (bug #45).
  • A couple issues with the free space indicator were fixed by Karel Tomáš.
  • Mac OS X file type and creator are now properly preserved when copying files from and to a local volume (bug #52).
  • Moved 'Check for updates' from 'File' to 'Help' menu, kudos to Joshua Lebo and Sergey Masyura (bug #59).
  • Mac OS X: added standard 'Minimize' and 'Zoom' items to 'Windows' menu (bug #37).
  • New 'Show splash screen' preference added to the 'Misc' preferences, replacing existing command line options (bug #66). Contributed by Joshua Lebo.
  • Fixed a deadlock happening under Ubuntu (bug #67).
  • Fixed a crash occurring on 64-bit versions of Windows (bug #57).
  • Fixed volumes not appearing in the drive button on Unix-based OSes (other than Mac OS X) under certain circumstances. Fix contributed by Johann Schmitz.
  • Fixed the main menu bar which could get selected when pressing Alt+Tab (bug #89).

Known issues

  • Some translations are not up-to-date. For more information, see the Translations page.
  • RAR and SFTP support are only available under Java 1.5 or higher.
  • Executable permissions are not preserved properly for local files prior to Java 1.6.
  • SMB support may not work properly on non multi-language JRE.
  • 'Copy files to clipboard' not working with some applications (files are not pasted).
  • Mac OS X: some keyboard shortcuts are displayed in the menu as ⌘+KEY where it's actually Ctrl+KEY (see bug #3).
  • Mac OS X: some keyboard shortcuts may conflict with global system shortcuts.
  • Mac OS X: text fields don't work correctly when using a fractionally-scaled font (known Java bug,
  • The bookmark file system doesn't allow users to specify which credentials they wish to use when selecting a bookmark that needs authentification, it will default to the first in the list.
  • Authentication issues when using several sets of credentials (login/password) for the same server (see bug #76).
  • Untrusted HTTPS connections are allowed without a warning.